Why are Appraisals of Antiques Important?

May 30, 2023

We often get questioned about antique appraisals, art appraisals, and similar high-value appraisals. Our would-be clients wonder why they even need to pay for the service in the first place. After all, if you have an item, you know is worth a considerable amount, it should be as easy as looking up an online directory and seeing what it goes for, right?


Determining how much something is worth is just part of the appraisal process, and there are a lot more reasons we recommend that you get all your high-end items and antiques appraised rather than simply looking up their supposed value on your own.

Here are some of the key reasons appraisals are vital for sellers and buyers alike.

1. A Local Antique Appraisal Service Can Determine True Value

This is the big difference maker with antiques. Many of our clients see that they have an antique, look up how much that item is selling for on something such as eBay, and then think that’s what they can get for it.

However, there’s more to it.

First, the examples we see are often being sold by people who aren’t aware of what they have, or they are greatly overvaluing what they have. This leads to inappropriate prices in either direction.

Then, there’s the condition factor that must be considered. As antique appraisers, we’ll look at every dent, scratch, tear, discoloration, and more to determine the true value of the piece just like a buyer will. A buyer will not pay the same amount for a tattered antique in need of restoration as they will for the mint-condition option that might have inspired your self-made price point.

Finally, we’ll look at real-world value instead of simply going off the market value. When our clients look at directories and online resources, they often find inflated examples that real-world buyers simply aren’t willing to pay. It’s kind of like how used car sales work. We’ll take into consideration what a buyer will be willing to pay under optimal conditions.

2. Verification of Authenticity

This is the second largest benefit of using an antique appraiser instead of trying to determine the right value on your own.

When you come to us, we won’t just determine the value and tell you what it is. We’ll also determine the item’s authenticity and provide you with proof that the item has been appraised by our professional team.

Not only do we help put your mind at ease by verifying the item, we provide a detailed description. In a world where fakes are passed off all the time, buyers are hesitant to buy high-end items without an appraisal. Our professional authenticity verification can give them the confidence boost they need to follow through with the transaction.

3. Priceless Selling Guidance

Finally, we provide accurate information based on current market conditions.  When dealing with high-value antiques, art, rugs, and other expensive items, it’s not as easy as simply listing the item for sale and waiting for a buyer. We find that many of our clients who take that approach end up getting talked down in price or waiting forever without results. Knowing what you have and its “Opinion of Value” is important. These are niche items, and finding a buyer is difficult.

Finding an Antique Appraiser Near Me

If you’re looking for an appraiser to help with valuing your antique, art piece, rug, furniture, or any other high-value item, AVI has you covered. We offer a wide range of appraisal services, and even if you’re not in our area, our antique appraisal online services are available to all.