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Service Overview

Asset Verification, Inc.

Service Overview


AVI’s highly trained inventory specialists catalog the personal property contents of your residence room by room utilizing a process called ObjectID. ObjectID, considered the gold standard by most appraisal professionals, was developed by the Getty Museum.


Our insurance approved deliverable consists of a USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) compliant inventory and appraisal document. This secure, electronic password-protected document comes complete with digital images linked to each cataloged entry. If desired, an optional hard copy of the report is available. In addition to the above described document, each inventory comes complete with a built-in spreadsheet and powerful search engine to view the contents of the digital report by room. For those who wish to have their information uploaded to a fully integrated asset management application, AVI offers Client Manager.

Appraisal Services and Why They Are Important

What’s the comparable replacement value of your most treasured, high-value antiques, fine and decorative artwork, collectibles, silver and jewelry? Many individuals lack current appraisals for these items or have outdated values for items currently covered under valuable articles schedules or blanket policies. AVI can help! Our appraisal services group provides insurance approved, USPAP compliant certified appraisals for all personal property allowing you to individually schedule those items. Outside of the favorable premium cost, the benefits of scheduling are that the items are covered under “All Risks” meaning if they are lost, damaged, or stolen they are covered. Most often, scheduled items are not subject to policy deductibles and depending on the carrier may have cash conversion and built in inflationary coverage limits as well.

"Case in Point" Story

AVI recently helped resolve the significant loss of client’s piece of jewelry. The client was wearing the jewelry item, a valuable diamond ring, at the time AVI was appraising the rest of his pieces and the ring was not appraised. After the loss, it came to the client’s attention that the item had been mistakenly insured only for the price of the deposit of the ring, not the actual value. AVI was asked if we could help in any way. Our GIA graduate gemologist got involved and determined that another piece of jewelry had been accidently over insured by the client. After many emails and phone calls between AVI, the jeweler and the insurance company, the client received reimbursement for the full value of the ring. AVI was happy to help this story have a happy ending!

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