How much is your Tibetan cabinet worth? Is that Vintage Baker Mahogany desk taking up space and you want to sell, but you’re unsure of its value? Maybe you’re curious about the value of the antique dresser you just inherited?
Whether you have been a collector for many years or just recently inherited antique furniture items, we can help!

Furniture Inventory
AVI’s highly trained Inventory Specialists catalog your furniture using a detailed process called Object ID. Developed by the Getty Museum as a way to precisely describe and identify precious art and aid in its recovery when stolen, Object ID is considered the international gold standard for appraisal professionals. Careful cataloging leads to accurate appraisals. Your furniture possessions are unique and our Inventory Specialists will carefully photograph, measure, describe and record every detail.

Furniture Appraisal
After your furniture items are inventoried, we objectively appraise them by using a process accepted by the appraisal industry known as Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices or USPAP.1 Our standards are the same and meet insurance and IRS reporting guidelines, and we offer 4 different packages, designed to meet the needs of every homeowner or renter.
Asset Verification, Inc. – A Full-Service Inventory & Appraisal Firm
Asset Verification, Inc. is an appraisal company specializing in the inventory and valuation of high-value personal property assets for individuals and families. Established in 1998, AVI has rapidly become the preeminent expert in personal property appraisals and a Preferred Service Provider for many top insurance companies, estate planners, and family offices