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Introduction to Asset Verification, Inc. (AVI), Your Personal Property Accountants.

AVI gives you more than you need… until you need it!

You’ve worked hard to furnish your home with the personal property assets you love. Your insurance broker works hard to provide you with the policies you need to secure your assets, but as we all know, disasters happen. In the unfortunate case of a claim, it will be your responsibility to provide documentation of your loss. When you engage AVI to inventory and appraise your entire home, you’ll have the documentation you need. Unlike some appraisal companies, AVI provides an itemized digital catalog of EVERY personal asset in your home along with valuations on everything. For items worth $2500 or more, AVI provides individual certified appraisals so you can choose which items you may want to add to your Valuable Articles Coverage. Experience peace of mind knowing you have done all you can to secure your most precious personal assets.

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Asset Verification, Inc. Logo

Asset Verification, Inc. is an appraisal company specializing in the inventory and valuation of high-value personal property assets for individuals and families. Established in 1998, AVI has rapidly become the preeminent expert in personal property appraisals and a Preferred Service Provider for many top insurance companies, estate planners, and family offices.

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