If you are a long-time collector, beginner collector, or just recently inherited silver items, we’re here to help.

Examples of silver pieces that you may want to have appraised include but are not limited to: English/Continental tea and coffee sets, early spoons, trays, candelabras, and statuary or religious elements.

Expert Silver Inventory & Appraisal

Welcome to AVI, your trusted source for expert silver inventory and appraisal. Our experienced team evaluates and accurately values your precious silver items.

We assess antique silverware, serving pieces, and collectibles, considering historical significance and market value. Each item’s unique story is thoroughly examined for a comprehensive appraisal.

Our meticulous and transparent approach, Object ID, is the gold standard for precisely identifying individual assets. Experts assess quality and condition while considering age, hallmarks, provenance, and rarity for accurate reports.

Our services cater to collectors, estate planners, insurance companies, and individuals selling silver items. Whether for insurance, estate planning, or understanding heirlooms, AVI provides reliable expertise. Appraisals are insurance-approved, USPAP-compliant¹, and meet IRS requirements.

Contact AVI today and let our team of professionals guide you through the process of inventorying and appraising your silver items with precision and care.

¹USPAP-compliance refers to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that set performance and ethical standards for certified appraisers. These standards are designed to ensure that your valuations are developed in an unbiased manner to the highest standards in the appraisal industry.

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