Rugs, Carpet, and Textiles

Unsure of the value of your antique Persian rug or that large area rug or textile in your formal living room? Our Inventory Specialists are ready to help!

Rug Inventory & Rug Appraisal

At Asset Verification (AVI), our team of experts specializes in meticulously cataloging and appraising antique rugs, including area rugs, handmade rugs, and all kinds of exquisite floor coverings and textiles. With a keen eye for detail, we ensure every intricate pattern and unique feature is captured in our description and images. Our experts will carefully evaluate the age, origin, material, craftsmanship, and condition of each rug and textile, which aid in determining their market worth.

Our certified appraisals are not only insurance-approved but also USPAP-compliant¹, meeting the highest industry standards for appraisers. Whether you need appraisals for insurance coverage, tax purposes, or equitable distribution of an estate, our reports are recognized and accepted.

From treasured heirlooms to valuable acquisitions, your antique rugs, carpet, and textiles deserve the utmost care and accurate valuation.

Professional Antique Rug Valuation with Asset Verification

With AVI, you can trust us to preserve the beauty and history, while providing professional appraisal services. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise in inventory and appraisal of antique rugs. Recognize the true value of your prized floor coverings with Asset Verification!

¹USPAP-compliance refers to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that set performance and ethical standards for certified appraisers. These standards are designed to ensure that your valuations are developed in an unbiased manner to the highest standards in the appraisal industry.

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