How much is your Tibetan cabinet worth? Is that vintage Baker Mahogany desk taking up space and you want to sell, but you’re unsure of its value? Maybe you’re curious about the value of the antique dresser you just inherited?

Whether you have been a collector for many years or just recently inherited antique furniture items, we can help!

Furniture Inventory & Furniture Appraisal by Asset Verification

We are furniture experts, offering inventory and appraisal services with years of experience. Our trained team provides comprehensive and unbiased assessments trusted by individuals, businesses, insurance companies, and legal entities.

Our inventory service uses Object ID, the international gold standard for precise identification. We document every item with descriptions, condition assessments, and photographs, whether for relocation, downsizing, or insurance.

AVI is your trusted partner for appraisals and we adhere to USPAP¹ industry standards. Our experts possess in-depth furniture market knowledge, providing reliable valuations based on market trends, condition, rarity, and more. Whether for insurance, estate planning, or legal purposes, our precise and objective appraisals meet your needs.

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, and ensuring confidentiality throughout the process. Trust us for expert furniture inventory and appraisal services that you can rely on. Contact AVI today to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team.

¹USPAP-compliance refers to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that set performance and ethical standards for certified appraisers. These standards are designed to ensure that your valuations are developed in an unbiased manner to the highest standards in the appraisal industry.

Do you know the current value of your most treasured antiques, fine art, collectibles, and jewelry?

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