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Asset Verification, Inc, (AVI) Introductory Video for Insurance Brokers

Watch AVI’s Short Introductory Video. Use the Promo Code Below to Get a Free Certified Appraisal.

Thank you for watching our introductory video!  To get the most benefit for your business, please bookmark and share this page with everyone on your office staff.

1. Each person who views the video can use the promo code below to receive a free certified appraisal from AVI for any one item except jewelry, coins, stamps, and collector cards such as baseball or Pokemon cards. All of these categories require an in-person appraisal. Your promo code is AVI_DEMO

2. To submit your personal asset for your free appraisal, please use this link to our Appraise My Stuff platform. Since you will use the promo code at checkout, no need to purchase credits.

3. We’ve also built a Client Video for your use as a sales tool to introduce AVI to your high-value clients. AVI’s unique inventory and appraisal service gives your clients more than they need… until they need it. Simply show the video in person or send your client the link to the Client Video page.

AVI provides the services your clients need to document and appraise all their personal property. From AVI’s comprehensive “All-Inclusive” services for your high-value policyholders to our DIY “Inventory Safe” and “Appraise My Stuff” platforms for transactional clients, we provide a complete range of insurance-approved professional services.

Click on the AVI logo at the top of the page to see our main website and learn more about our company, our values, and our many services for all your insurance clients. Be sure to check out our Estate Planning and Settlement services.

If we can answer any questions, please contact us.

Asset Verification, Inc. Logo

Asset Verification, Inc. is an appraisal company specializing in the inventory and valuation of high-value personal property assets for individuals and families. Established in 1998, AVI has rapidly become the preeminent expert in personal property appraisals and a Preferred Service Provider for many top insurance companies, estate planners, and family offices.

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