Keep your AVI inventory and appraisals up to date


Asset Manager is a secure, password-protected, web-based, asset management platform for customers who purchase AVI’s All-Inclusive service offering. Asset Manager allows users to add new items that are acquired after the initial cataloging and valuation report is delivered. In addition to adding descriptions and support documentation for new items acquired, benefits of Asset Manager include: 1) any cataloged items can be moved within the residence or to a secondary residence if one has been processed by AVI, 2) items can be updated with item-specific, time-stamped comments, 3) certified appraisals for new items and updating of existing appraisals for Insurance-to-Value purposes can be requested, and 4) a wide range of reports (such as a list of all artwork valued over $5000) can be requested.

The one-time setup fee for Asset Manager of $250 and the first-year annual subscription fee of $150 per residence are waived if this option is selected prior to the delivery of our formal client inventory reports.

Estate Planning and Settlement

As AVI’s clients’ needs changed, we added a comprehensive estate planning/settlement asset management application to Asset Manager. This application is specifically designed to help facilitate the orderly and measurable distribution of all tangible personal property to heirs and other parties, including charitable organizations. Distribution of tangible personal property, an activity described by the Robb Report as “one of the most difficult and stressful issues facing affluent families,” cannot be avoided. However, these difficult decisions are made easier when they are based on proper values and facts—invaluable information that AVI’s services can provide, helping individuals and families make informed decisions for their estate planning and settlement needs.

“The more documentation you have regarding your possessions, the better your insurance company will be able to handle your claim. And be sure to update your list after every purchase. If you take these advance precautions, you’ll be able to prove what you’ve lost. Your claim will be processed more rapidly and you’re more likely to collect in full on your insurance claim.”

– Insurance Information Institute