Asset Verification, Inc

is an inventory company specializing in the documentation and valuation of business and personal property assets. Created in 1998, AVI has rapidly become the preeminent expert in its field and a Preferred Provider
for many top insurance companies, estate planners, and money managers. Our solutions are client-centered with the following core values:

Ensure decisions are based on fact, not fiction

A detailed inventory is not only recommended by insurance providers, it is required in the event of a claim. AVI’s thorough inventory allows you to align insurance values, create estate and asset management plans, and
receive an equitable claim settlement in the event of a loss.

Deliver an innovative, high quality product

There is no other company that delivers the combination of valuation solutions offered by AVI. Utilizing patent-pending software and a unique process, AVI professionals create a detailed inventory of your assets in a matter of hours. This inventory is
complete with item names, descriptions, values, and digital images.

Integrate solutions and streamline delivery

AVI is a single-source solution for all of your inventory and valuation needs. Our unique approach combines inventory and appraisal services to deliver a complete valuation solution.